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04 Mar

Health & Wellness Fair 2021

Saveways Crescent Centre – March 2021

Being healthy and fit isn’t a fad or a trend, it’s a lifestyle.

Healthy Choices = Healthy Lifestyle.

For the entire month of March at Saveways Crescent Centre, shoppers are invited to discover the world of Health, and Wellness with us!

Now more than ever during this pandemic, it is imperative to learn and improve your knowledge base on everything that relates to physical fitness, positive attitude, and overall health and wellbeing.

Our Health & Wellness Fair will provide shoppers with an opportunity to view exciting health and wellness displays, receive educational material and free health screenings on specific days during the entire month of March so watch this space for the full list of exciting events taking place at Saveways Crescent Centre..

There are also numerous prizes and vouchers to be won as well as savings to be had, so get excited!!

Take advantage of our Health & Wellness Fair by popping in to Saveways Crescent Centre and let us help you to become a better you!

  • SANBS: Mobile Drive: 19th March 2021
  • Indulgence Beauty: Education on Colon Cleansing:
    1-31 March 20121 outside store
  • Adele Cowley Optometrist: Free eye screenings:
    1-31 March 2021 outside store
  • Slimming Innovations Clinic Witbank: Education of weightloss and options: 1-31 March 2021 outside Adele Cowley

For more information follow us on social media or keep visiting our website as it will be updated over the month of March with all the exciting events taking place!

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